We Have Tables For Every Occasion!

We have a variety of round tables and rectangular tables to choose from. Whether you need tables for food, or to rest your elbows on, our tables are sure to get the job done.

Table Rentals

Table Sizes

30″ Round Table – $10.50/each
36″ Round Table – $10.50/each
48″ Round Table – $10.50/each
60″ Round Table – $10.50/each
72″ Round Table $11.50/each
30″ Hi Cocktail Table – $12.50/each
36″ Hi Cocktail Table – $12.50/each
36″x36″ Square Table – $10.50/each
6’x30″ Banquet Table – $10.50/each
8’x30″ Banquet Table – $10.50/each
8’x18″ Banquet Table – $10.50/each
8’x48″ Banquet Table – $20.00/each
8’x48″ Farm Table. – $150.00/each
Serpentine Table – $11.50/each

Pricing and availability subject to change. Please call us at (856) 843-4580 to get an estimate!

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